Reflection/Empowerment Session
Wed, 15.05., 16:00




Only 290 € (you save 199 €)

Empowerment through Reflection Session
For: People of Colour
Topics: Empowerment and Anti-Black Racism

Black Empowerment Session
For: People who are affected by Anti-Black racism
Topics: Black Empowerment / Meditation / Movement

Why does CDC offer Reflection Sessions?
CDC Festival has always been and continues to be a celebration of Black cultures. Without these it could not exist. We recognise that Black dance styles are expressions of resistance to oppression and discrimination based on race.
As CDC Festival takes place in a White dominated European context we have to deal with the fact that we all have been socialized to live within structures that encourage racism. We therefore take special responsibility to actively be anti-racist and critically engage with the space we create within and around the festival. In order to share the same mindset with our participants we offer Empowerment & Reflection Sessions that give us the possibility to be on the same page.