Reflection & Empowerment Sessions
Why does CDC offer Reflection Sessions?
CDC Festival has always been and continues to be a celebration of Black cultures. Without these it could not exist. We recognise that Black dance styles are expressions of resistance to oppression and discrimination based on race.
As CDC Festival takes place in a White dominated European context we have to deal with the fact that we all have been socialized to live within structures that encourage racism. We therefore take special responsibility to actively be anti-racist and critically engage with the space we create within and around the festival. In order to share the same mindset with our participants we offer Empowerment & Reflection Sessions that give us the possibility to be on the same page. 
Black Empowerment Session
with Massinda Zinga
For: People who are affected by Anti-Black racism
Topic: Black Empowerment / Meditation / Movement
Date & Time: Wed, 15.05 @ 4-6PM

In her concept workshop ” sisterhood circle”, Massinda will guide black & brown folks on a resilience journey using tools and practices to foster the development and liberation of black and brown communities. Join Massinda in embracing a creative revolution movement through reflection, dance and holistic embodiment. For all People who are affected by anti-Black racism.

Reflection Session 
with Farina (Kritische Köpfe)
For: People of Colour
Topics: Empowerment and Anti-Black Racism
Date & Time: Wednesday, 15.05 @4-6PM

This workshop addresses anti-Black racism in dance and issues such as stereotyping, colorism, representation, cultural appropriation and commercialization. The workshop format is aimed at non-Black people affected by racism (People of Color). We will talk about internalised racisms, privileges and ways to reflect on them and give impulses for (self-) reflection, allyship and solidarity. We understand “People of Color” to be an international self-designation for people who experience discrimination and/or racism but not specifically anti-Black racism like Black people. Therefore, in our context of Black dance cultures, we distinguish the experiences of the two groups and the position of power they may hold.

BIPOC Yoga Class
with Helen (Diaspora Wellness Club)
Date & Time: Friday, 17.05 @5-7PM

Helen will take you through a three part Yoga session: “ACTIVATE” starts with beginner-friendly yoga postures to shift focus from the mind to the body and energize, followed by “REST,” where restorative yin yoga promotes deep relaxation through extended postures without muscle engagement. The final part, “CONNECT & INTEGRATE,” involves breathing exercises, meditation, and a peaceful shavasana, concluding the practice with renewed energy for returning to reality. For BIPOC (Black and Indigenous People of Color).

Reflection Session 
with Fanny Kulisch
For: White & White-Passing people
Topic: Anti-Racism / Whiteness
Date & Time: Friday, 17.05 @5-7PM


Gemeinschaftshaus Gropiusstadt, Bat-Yam-Platz 1, 12353 Berlin
Metro: U7 Lipschitzallee
Car: Navigation to Lipschitzallee 68, parking spot next to the car dealer
The venue is accessible barrier free.