Rooted Fruits

15.05.2024 - 20.05.2024

This was CDC Festival 2024

Europe’s largest dance festival for Black dance cultures took place again in Berlin from May 15th to 20th 2024. With the motto “Rooted Fruits”, CDC festival invited you to a unique celebration of afrodiasporic culture, characterized by dance, music and empowerment. Starting back in 2014 with the Cypher Dance Championship and TopUp Dancehall Camp we celebrated our 10th anniversary this year.

CDC festival took place over six days and offered a diverse program that included the Culture Dance Camp Workshops, Reflection & Empowerment Sessions, a Vernissage and Conference, a Jam Session and Parties. Highlights of the festival include the Ghanaian-German guest performance NUS3, the Culture Dance Clash Dance Battles and the curated performance evening Spot On! – The Show. Special attention was paid to exploring the artistic connection across the “Black Atlantic” and creating spaces for joy, empowerment and self-expression.

The theme “Rooted Fruits” embodies CDC Festival’s vision of recognising dance culture as an integral part of society. Much like roots are essential to the growth of fruit, CDC Festival strives to demonstrate the importance of recognizing the roots of Black dance cultures and understanding their connection to a broader societal context. The goal of the festival was to explore how society can nurture and maintain this cultural ecosystem to sustain its vitality and resilience.

CDC in motion!

This was CDC Festival 2024

CDC Voices

What participants liked most and say about CDC Festival 2023

“The positive vibes and feeling of inclusion”

“The Workshops and the thought-out concept”

“The celebration of black culture. The effort to try to create a safer space – the great lineup”

The approach of the whole festival: I really felt that it was all about consciousness and not only consumption of the dance. And the way everything felt respectful and even people’s behaviour was love and consciousness and trying to be better humans. There is a before and after CDC for me!!!

“I really like the words celebration and joy. I liked the conference very much, of course all the dance, but I like the instances of reflection to go deep also to spirit and to see there our relation with dance”

About the Reflection and Empowerment Session at CDC 2023

“thank you for offering these, so important and mostly lacking in our community”

“I went to both reflection sessions. I really loved that it was not passive but active involvement with activities and exercises and not only presentations. It was uncomfortable because it was a mirror and that made it very constructive.”

CDC Location

Gemeinschaftshaus Gropiusstadt, Bat-Yam-Platz 1, 12353 Berlin
Metro: U7 Lipschitzallee
Car: Navigation to Lipschitzallee 68, parking spot next to the car dealer
The venue is accessible barrier free.

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