CDC Festival Team

We are MINCE e.V. and we specialise in anti-discriminatory cultural youth work with a focus on authentic Black dance cultures. Our projects are aimed at anyone interested in culture, as we create spaces for African, Afrodiasporic, Black, PoC and White children, youth and adults. We work with the elements of dance, movement and music as central tools for self-empowerment and self-reflection.

Since 2017, we continuously offer a variety of projects for all ages: Jam sessions, workshops and conferences; exchange programs and family celebrations, as well as dance and cultural festivals. All of our projects are shaped from a postcolonial and power-critical perspective. To ensure this perspective, we regularly educate ourselves on these topics.

CDC Festival started as a collaborative project by M.I.K. Family and TopUp Production – now being organised by MINCE e.V., which combines members from both labels and is growing bigger every day.

Prince Ofori

Founder, Artistic Director, Head of Curation

Margarita Bönning-Ofori

Founder, Head of Production


Richmond Milewsky

Organisation & Co-Curation Culture Dance Clash


Eveline Ejikeme

Social Media & Community Management

Feli Fauther

Organisation Spot On – The Show, Production Assistantce

Naomi Marie-Rose

Organisation & Curation Awareness & Empowerment Sessions, Conference


Jamila Saâdani

Production Assistance, Volunteer Management

Lara Irrgang

Production Assistance

Copy of 2021-08-18 Saint Laurent & MI.K. Volksbühne_Berlin_Carolin Windel_Ana Luca_5357_1

Ana Dias

Organisation Awarenessteam


Fanny Kulisch

Organisation Awarenessteam

Do you want to experience CDC Festival behind the scenes? We are looking for volunteers!
If you want to volunteer and work with our great team please contact us.