Racism and discrimination sensitivity in the dance space

MINCE e.V. offers dance and cultural events based on Black cultures. Therefore we ask our guests to understand dance as a culture, as well as a political expression and to take an anti-racism stance.

We offer 10% discount on all Culture Dance Camp Classes for youths under 16 years old, specially abled persons and people who identify as Black.

We are aware of the fact that Black people face systematic racist structures in their everyday lifes – as well as in the dance scene. The world is enjoying and practicing Black dance cultures, so Black people should feel welcomed to events like these (no – it is not always the case, that is why we adress it).
Also, our aim is to create a safer space for BIPoC in the Black dance scene and the more Black people participate at events, the safer the space gets for them and for everybody.

At the same time, we ask all White and White passing persons to be aware of their white privilege – in life and in the dance scene. In general, and while participating at our events and projects. If you do so – you are very welcome to enjoy CDC Festival with us!

We all want to share good vibes and dance together! For many of us to be able to do so, awareness of the above written is required. If you feel like you want to talk about this personally, feel free to contact us.