Dance goes beyond creativity and expression. The dancing experience offers a space where different types of bonding and relations happen: friendships, enterprises, loves, families, movements can be started and raised when people get together to dance. Communities created through this experience are, at the same time, highly influenced and inspired by dynamics belonging to the cultural roots where everything originated and by new challenges in a society facing continuous transformations. This panel gives a chance to look at street and traditional dance styles from a unique perspective, discussing aggregation, families and community building showing the power carried by this form of expression.

Our guest speakers and presentations are:

1. Raphael Hillebrand
(Dancer, choreographer and founder of “Die Urbane. Eine HipHop Partei”)
Topic: Hip-hop as space for community building: how street dance can inspire the change we want to see

2. Johanna Sjövall a.k.a. Johanna Enough
(Dancer, media personality, researcher)
Topic: Mother and dancehall dancer: challenges in the new media era

3. Cyrielle Tamby
(Dancer, researcher)
Topic: Reshaping identities in postcolonial societies across relationships, music and dance

4. Niki Tsappos
(Dancer and entrepreneur)
Topic: Female dance crews in the hip-hop world: friendship, bond and growth in a masculine environment.

5. Professor Donna Hope
(Professor at UWI, Founder of the Dancehall Archive and Research Initiative)
Topic: #DancehallFamily: building global dance networks

Join us on this interesting topic and get your box office ticket on Thursday 30.05.2019!

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